De Lijsters


Creating a brand identity design for the fifth lustrum of De Lijsters. The theme is “ff ene”. De Lijsters are a Student Association based in Tilburg, Brabant, The Netherlands. This year, they exist 25 years.

Solution / product

The final logo has a Roman look with a modern twist. This Roman look was created by adding two curved lines next to the Roman five, and adding three diamond shapes. To add a slight modern feeling, straight lines have been added in combination with a font that feels modern, but also slightly classic. There are 4 different versions, with each their own specific use case (one for merhcandise, one for online usage etc.).


The wishes and needs I had to stick to where the following:

  • Logo needs to contain elements related to birds (either a Lijster or feathers for example).
  • Logo needs to contain the year of establishment (1995) and current year (2020).
  • Logo needs to contain a big Roman five (V).
  • Logo needs to contain the slogan of the theme: “ff ene”.

After creating the list of wishes and needs, the next step was researching existing logos for inspiration. The main focus here was finding a fitting style.

Based on the wishes and inspiration, I created 4 concepts, which are almost exactly the same as the pictures at the bottom. Luckily for me, my client instantly liked it. In fact, they wanted to use every version of my concepts.

After I processed the final feedback, the final logo was vectorized and send to the client in the correct formats.


Jef van Bentem

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