Jef van Bentem — UX / UI Designer from the Netherlands

About me

I have always been interested in design, digital technologies, and innovation. During my time in high school, I gathered experience in the design and business field by creating and selling logo designs. Over time, my interests shifted more towards web development. For the past years, I’ve worked as a freelance web designer and developer. During these years, I became more interested in interaction design. That’s why I now especially focus on User Interface and User Experience design. My experience and passion for (logo) design and web development led to the founding of my own company; Scalebranding. This is a fast-growing online marketplace where logo designers can share and sell their logos to a worldwide audience.

since 2020


founder & Director

Scalebranding is a fast-growing online logo marketplace that connects logo designers and (startup) companies that are looking for a new brand identity. My main roles within the company are leading the application development and maintaining customer relations.

february 2022 - July 2022

Accommodatiehuur B.V.

Graduate Application design and development

As a graduate student at Accommodatiehuur, I designed and developed an application that tenants can use to remotely lock and unlock doors of reserved locations. During this period, I was responsible for the UI/UX Design, development, deployment, and version control of the application. The application has been deployed to the Android Play Store and Apple App Store and is currently being used by over 500 tenants.

Since July 2022

Accommodatiehuur B.V.

UX/UI Designer

After my graduation, I was offered a position as UX/UI Designer. Next to that, I’m responsible for the maintenance of the Android and iOS application I developed during my graduation.